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Green and white cotton primary effect plate filter

Specifications and models: 295✖️592✖️46,596✖️595✖️46, etc.Efficiency level: G3/G4Outer frame material: galvanized frame, aluminum alloy frameFilter material: synthetic fiberProduct features: l···


Specifications and models: 295✖️592✖️46,596✖️595✖️46, etc.

Efficiency level: G3/G4

Outer frame material: galvanized frame, aluminum alloy frame

Filter material: synthetic fiber

Product features: light weight, low price, good versatility,

Application fields: electronic manufacturers, biopharmaceutical companies, mechanical instrument manufacturing companies, petrochemical light industry and other air conditioning ventilation systems

1. The primary filter mainly filters dust above 5um, which is used in prefiltration of air conditioning and ventilation systems to avoid dust pollution inside the system. At the same time, the primary filter is used for pre-filtration of large air compressors, centralized ventilation and air conditioning system and back air filtration in the clean room to prolong the service life of the back-stage high-efficiency filter; in fact, the initial Efficiency filters are also used in ventilation systems in ordinary industrial plants to meet the general cleanliness of air.

2. The primary filter is divided into primary plate filter, primary folding filter, primary paper frame filter, primary nylon mesh filter and primary bag filter. As air filters, they can effectively block dust particles in the air and protect the intermediate and high-efficiency filters at the back end. The service life of good quality primary filters is 3-6 times in normal environments to avoid the impact of the blockage of the surface of the filter on air quality. You still need to Pay attention to the replacement cycle.

3. According to the method, the primary filter can be divided into: folding primary filter, flat primary filter, child mother rack can clean the primary filter and bag primary filter.

4. Primary filter materials include polyester synthetic fibers, nylon mesh and activated carbon.

5. The outer frame of the primary filter is made of aluminum frame, galvanized steel frame and paper frame.

6. The primary filter filtration efficiency levels are G1, G2, G3, G4

Note: 1 The initial resistance tolerance of performance is ±10% 2 can provide special size production.


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